Generic Niravams


It’s hard to believe that there are actually two Niravams in the market today – the original one and the newer version which are now approved by the FDA. But it really does make sense if you take into consideration the fact that the original version of the drug was approved in the 1970s. The Niravams are taken orally to treat seizures as well as to relieve muscle spasms and muscle pains, such as back pain, whiplash and tennis elbow.


Since then, the generic version has been launched and it’s still available in pharmacies around the country. The original product has become more popular than the newer version because it doesn’t cause any side effects and it’s relatively cheap compared to other prescribed medicines like Phenergan and Klonopin. But the FDA has taken action against some people who’ve abused the new version of the drug, and they have already been stopped from selling them to consumers. If you’re suffering from severe allergies or have any kind of health problem, you should avoid using this medicine and wait for its generic equivalent to be available in the market.

What makes the generic equivalent less effective? In a nutshell, most of the ingredients found in the original product are no longer present in the generic version. Some of these include Phenobarbital, Ketoprofen and Oxycodone, which are all used in surgeries and emergency rooms to provide relief from pain. Other ingredients that have been removed in the new Niravams include Lofexidine and Hydrocodone which are using in conjunction with Naloxone to help patients stop smoking.

The FDA says that it will be tough for the manufacturers of the original Niravams to get their products approved again so we might have to wait until another drug manufacturer produces a drug based on the same formula. However, you can use generic alternatives of the original drug to give you relief from the symptoms, which means you don’t have to buy Niravams to be able to sleep.

Are you worried about possible side effects of the generic drug? It’s a good idea to consult your doctor if you are taking prescription drugs regularly. Since the medication isn’t approved yet, no one is able to prove what side effects might occur in people who take the drug. Even if they find out that the new product has some serious side effects, they won’t be able to warn you against using it because it hasn’t been approved yet.

However, the best way to protect yourself is to follow the instructions on the packaging when you start using the generic drug. The Niravams should be taken only by medical professionals and not just anyone who want to buy and sell them.

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