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Wilmington Treatment Center, an award winning provider of addiction treatment services for people who have been struggling with substance abuse, provides the lifesaving treatment needed to fight the viciousness of drug addiction and the deadly spiral of drug dependency. We understand the devastating impact that this kind of destructive behavior can have on an individual’s personal life and know that you are willing to provide you and your loved ones with the help that can ultimately make sobriety an achievable goal for an addict. With all the help you will need, Wilmington Treatment Center can help you get on your way to recovery.

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Wilmington Treatment Center has received numerous awards for its dedication to offering the highest quality in addiction treatments and other programs for drug detoxification and the recovery process. We provide the highest quality of treatment in the Wilmington area for those recovering from substance abuse.

As a Wilmington Treatment Center it is our commitment to providing our customers with an environment that promotes healing, hope, well-being and a productive life outside of the confines of treatment. In addition, we strive to offer our customers a positive experience that helps them to overcome their addictions and reclaim their life. Our addiction counselors and therapists are committed to providing the most personalized support to each of our clients.

Wilmington Treatment Center is dedicated to providing effective treatment services that are customized to meet the needs of each of our clients. A fully qualified addiction counselor is onsite to assist you and to discuss your options with you.

Wilmington Treatment Center is proud to partner with various community and health agencies throughout the state to offer a wide range of substance abuse treatment services. The Substance Abuse Services team at Wilmington Treatment Center is committed to being a catalyst to increase community awareness and provide the latest treatment technology to those suffering from drug addictions. Our services include an addiction center, an outpatient drug detox facility, inpatient residential rehab, treatment centers for adults and substance abuse clinics.

We understand that substance abuse treatment is complex. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the many choices of treatment. In that case you should consult with your physician about what is best for your particular situation. We recommend that you work closely with a trained professional to determine the most appropriate option.

Wilmington Treatment Center will do all we can to help you make the best decision for your substance abuse treatment. After our initial evaluation you can either decide to enter treatment or continue on medication or use other treatments.

Once you have decided that you want to be treated, we will work to give you the support you need to successfully complete your drug detox program. The staff at Wilmington Treatment Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of care so you can return to your everyday life on the path to recovery and to a more successful life.

Our treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction are unique and tailored to meet each individual client’s unique needs. You can take advantage of some of our services at home and while still in treatment, or you can get started on the road to recovery in our treatment facilities. You may not be able to live at home while in the program and that is okay. Our team will make sure that you have access to the support you need in your home.

Your Wilmington Treatment Center counselor will also work to educate you about the various treatment options. and the recovery process. Our treatment staff is also committed to finding a treatment center that offers the latest in addiction treatments and treatment technology so that your recovery is as successful as possible.

If you decide that you would like to go out of treatment, we will work hard to assist you through the process. Our counselors will help you with everything from finding housing to securing employment and getting your life back on track. Our counselors also provide ongoing education about relapse prevention techniques so that you can reduce your risk of relapses and make sure you remain sober when you leave the program.

Wilmington Treatment Center wants to offer the very best care possible for your personal, emotional and physical well-being. Our team consists of trained and certified staff who share a commitment to helping you lead a drug-free life.

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